Co//323 is part of a movement of God’s people who believe transformation can happen when faith and work intersect. Our goal is to stimulate conversation, build connecting points and incubate new ideas about living out faith on the other six days. 


The Co//323 movement started with a big dream that CBM, a mission agency based in Canada, could help link workplace disciples globally. During their lifetime, the average Christian will spend 86,000 hours at work and only 4,000 at church. We believe that all the hours of our lives can be infused with meaning and make a kingdom impact, no matter what we are doing or where we are doing it. 


Co//323 works in five strategic areas related to the marketplace:


The context in which we live and work frames our stories and helps to provide meaning within God’s bigger narrative. We want to walk alongside people as they identify and live out God’s mission in the context of their work.


Having proper skills and knowledge are key components to making any business endeavour a success. We want to train and empower men and women to become global game changers, impacting their local communities and beyond.


Our world needs new and innovative ways to tackle huge global issues such as gender inequity, social injustice, environmental degradation and economic disparity. We want to help to conceive and incubate new ideas by Christian entrepreneurs that will result in business and social transformation.


Global connections are made more intricately and immediately than ever. We want to help foster networks of co-learning around how faith and work can come together for social transformation and the greater good.


Micro-loans or seed funding can make a world of difference to a small business entrepreneur in the global south. We want to help these enterprising people reach their dreams with dignity through the investment of funds and training support.