Co//323 is part of a movement of God’s people who believe transformation can happen when faith and work intersect. Our goal is to stimulate conversation, build connecting points and incubate new ideas about living out faith on the other six days. 


The Co//323 movement started with a big dream that CBM, a mission agency based in Canada, could help link workplace disciples globally. During their lifetime, the average Christian will spend 86,000 hours at work and only 4,000 at church. We believe that all the hours of our lives can be infused with meaning and make a kingdom impact, no matter what we are doing or where we are doing it. 


Co//323 works in five strategic areas related to the marketplace:

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Co//ntextual: Integrating Faith and Work for Discipleship

The context in which we live and work frames our stories and helps to provide meaning within God’s bigger narrative. We want to walk alongside people as they identify and live out God’s mission in the context of their work.

Co//mpetency: Training Partners to Engage in the Marketplace

Having proper skills and knowledge are key components to making any business endeavour a success. We want to train and empower men and women to become global game changers, impacting their local communities and beyond.

Co//nceive: Fostering New Initiatives of Global Entrepreneurs

Our world needs new and innovative ways to tackle huge global issues such as gender inequity, social injustice, environmental degradation and economic disparity. We want to help to conceive and incubate new ideas by Christian entrepreneurs that will result in business and social transformation.

Co//ntagious: Linking Business People from Around the World

Global connections are made more intricately and immediately than ever. We want to help foster networks of co-learning around how faith and work can come together for social transformation and the greater good.

Co//llaborate: Investing Strategically in People and Places

Micro-loans or seed funding can make a world of difference to a small business entrepreneur in the global south. We want to help these enterprising people reach their dreams with dignity through the investment of funds and training support.

Work is where people spend most of their waking hours and is the most strategic mission field in the world. The Good Work Conference features keynote speaker, Paul Stevens as well as seminars, panels and discussion groups that will explore the integration of faith and work as part of God’s mission on earth; discipleship in the context in which we work and live. The conference is designed for all ages and backgrounds, whether in the “secular” workplace or “ministry”, paid or not, we are all called to work in the universal ministry of God.

Event Speakers

Dr. R. Paul Stevens

Dr. R. Paul Stevens has been a pastor, a student counselor, a business person and a professor. His mission is to empower ordinary people to integrate their faith and life from Monday to Sunday through teaching, coaching, advocating and publishing.

Dr. Stevens joined the Regent College faculty in 1987 as Associate Professor of Applied Theology and was named the David J. Brown Professor of Marketplace Theology and Leadership in 1999. During his tenure at Regent, Dr. Stevens taught courses on Marketplace Theology, equipping and empowering the people of God, and ministry and spirituality. In addition, he served the College as Academic Dean. He has taught and spoken at institutions all over the world, including Tyndale Seminary in Toronto, the Christian Studies Institute in Brazil, Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Biblical Graduate School of Theology in Singapore, and in Kenya for the Certificate in Ministry offered by Carey Theological College and CBM.

Dr. Clement S. L. Yeung

Dr. Yeung is a board member of the Association of Canadian Chinese Theological Education, an advisor of Ambassadors for Christ (Canada) and the past president of Canadian Chinese Christian Business & Professional Association. Currently he also serves as the Preaching Assistant at Winnipeg Chinese Alliance Church. He has authored three Chinese books as well as an English book titled The Golden Touch .

Alana Walker Carpenter

Serving in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer of Intriciti, Alana Walker Carpenter created and leads a ministry for business leaders.

Her passion is to inspire business leaders to integrate their faith and business through the five business practices she and her team have developed.. She tackles the issues of the day through innovative events, individual and group coaching, roundtable discussions, leadership development, and

Outside of the boardroom, Alana can be found at home with her favourite playmate – her son Carter.

Ms. Walker Carpenter resides in Toronto with her husband and best friend Kevin where they are active members of their church (Yorkminster Park Baptist Church) and their denomination (The Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec).

Philip Yan

As a two-time social entrepreneur, Philip led his company to cofound social enterprises to employ persons with barriers to employment, including a recycling company, Red Propeller and an online coffee business, KLINK® Coffee. The long journey helped him to understand his missions and how his business and social enterprise can be redemptive. Philip also cofounded Work and Faith Gathering, a monthly gathering for Christian working in downtown Toronto.

As founder and chief experience designer of GenesisXD Inc., Philip connects the dots between brand, experience design and technology. Prior to running his own business with a focus on branding and marketing communications over 20 years ago, Philip had worked for award-winning studios as a senior designer and design director. His strategic consultation has proven success in many turnkey initiatives for financial and educational institutions, health care organizations, and not-for-profits.

The new GenesisXD initiative is to using design thinking to help non-profits, associations and churches to build community 24/7 through mobile apps.

Integrating faith at work is Philip’s priority in his career decisions. While studying at Tyndale (formerly OTS) after OCAD, it became clear that God called him to serve as a designer. Over the years Philip’s storytelling through creatives keeps evolving with his increasing engagement in social innovation and ministry. To Philip workplace is his mission field

Ruth Mullen

Ruth Mullen is an Instructional Designer at D2L and has been involved with FaithTech for two years as the Toronto Labs Director and Toronto City Director. Ruth is passionate about God’s strategy in the workplace and growing and developing leaders. Ruth is also a history nerd and has a lot of interesting facts about pockets, the pyramids and the Vikings.